Unfortunately, your roof isn’t designed to last forever, and eventually, you’ll need to give Sydney Roof Maintenance a call. So what exactly are the signs you must know in order to tell if your roof is nearing its end so costly restorations or replacements can potentially be avoided?

Obvious signs that tell you a roof needs maintenance includes missing shingles and discoloured walls, but everyone knows that. What you must be aware of are the more subtle and hidden signs, but that’s why we’re here!

1. Near Its Life Span

If you didn’t know, a roof actually has a life expectancy. So if it’s clearly coming to an end, it’s time to give Sydney Roof Maintenance a call. Since typical roofs have a lifespan of around 15 years, a professional roofer should be hired in the 14th year to conduct inspections. We implore you not to wait for your roof’s life to deplete, take action early!

2. Increasing Energy Costs

If you take a look at your energy bills and compare them to previous years, do you notice an increase in costs? If so, your roof may just be the culprit. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it needs replacing straight away, so make sure you perform energy-saving methods first. For example, you might want to consider installing UV-reflecting materials to lower your bills.

If all energy-consuming appliances are working efficiently, we highly recommend getting an inspector to come and analyse your roof to determine the issue. It could very well be that the damaged roof is the thing causing your rising energy bills, so repair or replace it right away, whichever option is more appropriate.

3. Blisters and Bubbles

Blisters and bubbles appear on your roof after moisture is trapped in the roof membrane. The bubbles increase in size leading to blisters as the temperature rises and expands moisture trapped in the roof membrane.

Gaps in the membrane are created after the temperature lowers and the air contracts, and as a result, moisture enters the gap causing the blisters to grow. What happens next? The structure of the roof deteriorates. So when you notice bubbles forming in your roof, you need to call a roofing company right away!

4. Dirty Rings

Water that doesn’t drain properly after raining is another sign that you need new roofing. To know this, however, you’ll need to go and have a look at your roof. You can only do so when the roof dries out, because remember after rain the area will be wet, so don’t go onto the rooftop yet!

Once it’s dry, locate the puddle of water, algae, green rings or moss. All these are signs that the water doesn’t drain properly.

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