Roof Cleaning Sydney

Roof cleaning is an integral part of home maintenance. It is one of those ‘do it now rather than later’ kind of things, which means that it is inevitable. Wise homeowners will clean their roofs once a year, knowing that if they postpone it they will pay a higher price in roof maintenance or replacement.

Cleaning your roof is the process of removing buildup from your shingles, metal roofing, tiles, or whatever material it is made off. This buildup can be chemical in the case of oxidation, or more likely live biomass such as algae, mildew, lichen, and mould.

Why Clean Your Roof?

This buildup of chemicals or biomass heavily reduces your roof’s lifespan. Mould and lichen, for instance, is made of living plants that feed off the material in the shingles, making them weak so that eventually they crumble. Cleaning kills and removes these pesky parasites and helps your roof to survive longer.

More noticeable is the fact that the buildup causes ugly streaking on the roof. It makes your home look rundown, even if the roof is relatively new. It even reduces the home’s value because it suggests poor maintenance to valuers.

How Do We Clean Your Roof?

Roof cleaning is a technical exercise. It is very difficult to get right unless you are an expert because there is a very real chance of damaging not only the roof but the landscape below. That is why you should contract roof cleaning experts like Sydney Roof Maintenance.

At Sydney Roof Maintenance, we are experts in two major types of roof cleaning:

  • Soft washing/chemical washing – Using carefully mixed chemicals, we clean your roof to kill any biomass and restore it to look like new.
  • Roof pressure cleaning- Using very high-pressure equipment, we mechanically remove the buildup on your to leave it clean and attractive.

Expert Roof Cleaning Services in Sydney

Sydney Roof Maintenance is the best roof cleaning service in Sydney. We operate in the whole of Sydney’s metropolitan area and its surroundings. As experts in our work with over 20 years of experience, you can trust us to restore your roof to its former glory.

If you have your home in Sydney, you don’t have to worry about your roof being unsightly or crumbling from mould, lichen, or mildew buildup. For the best roof pressure cleaning in Sydney, contact Sydney Roof Maintenance for a free no-obligation quote on our roof cleaning services.

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