Roof Re-Bed and Point

If the bedding under your ridge caps, starters and or gable tiles age or become cracked/damaged, you may need a re-bed and point service to restore the roof. A healthy roof is essential for protecting your property from moisture and damage from the elements.

The problem is, tiled homes have a cement mortar for the bedding, which can crack and break over time, causing the ridge caps, starters and or gable tiles to shift. As a result, your roof will end up with small openings where water can seep through, leading to leaks and mould growth. Over time, this can cause internal issues like mould problems and or even structural damage, forcing you to deal with expensive repairs.

At Sydney Roof Maintenance, we have been providing roofing services for over 20 years and can restore your roof, no matter how bad.

Why Choose Sydney Roof Maintenance for a Re-Bed and Point

The bedding is a sand/cement mixture that holds the ridge caps, starters, and or gable tiles in place whilst the coloured pointing compound is a flexible adhesive to ensure your roof is well-sealed. As a fully insured and licenced team, we can come and evaluate your roof, we’ll let you know if you require a re-bed and point or just a repoint to help restore your roof.

Having worked on residential, commercial, and industrial roofs throughout Sydney for decades, we have the necessary skills to ensure high-quality workmanship with every roof repair. We never use contractors or middlemen to work on your roof so you can count on an experienced team to handle your roof repairs.

You can count on Sydney Roof Maintenance to restore your roof’s bedding and pointing whilst also ensuring your roof looks fantastic when we’re done.

Contact Sydney Roof Maintenance for Re-Bed and Point Services in Sydney

You’ll potentially save a lot of money if you maintain the bed and pointing on your property before it leads to major problems – call 0410 473 988 today. You can also contact us, and we’ll contact you back as soon as possible.

We serve the entire Sydney region and can repair any kind of roof. If you notice signs of a roof leak or even broken roof tiles contact us today for a free no-obligation written quote.