Looking for Gutter Guard Installation in Sydney to protect your home?

Stop blocked gutters before they happen and protect your home and its foundations from damage with gutter guard installation from Sydney Roof Maintenance. By investing in a gutter guard (also known as a “leaf guard”) for your new or existing home, you are adding extra protection not only from leaves, birds, and small wildlife pest infestations but also the harsh and unpredictable Australian climate. We all know too well the devastation bushfires can cause – by reducing flammable hazards such as a build-up of dry leaves, bark, and twigs from being ignited from embers, you greatly lower the fire risk of your home. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and for gutter guard installation in Sydney.

Don’t Put Yourself At Risk, Leave Gutter Guard Installation Sydney to the Professionals

One key benefit of professional gutter guard installation is the significant reduction in manual labour and time a homeowner has to spend on roof maintenance every year to keep their gutters clean. Many injuries (and even deaths) can occur from a simple slip or misstep off a ladder. Keep yourself safe and off the roof, away from danger, while still maintaining that peace of mind knowing your gutters are clear of debris. As part of good home maintenance, we always recommend checking your gutters every 12 months at minimum (especially if you’re in a bushfire-prone area) to ensure no micro-particles have made their way through the leaf guard mesh. With a leaf guard, you’ll spend less time on your roof and more time doing the things you love. Request a free quote today on 0410 473 988 or send us a message online!

The Sydney Roof Maintenance Difference

✓ Over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry
✓ Fully licensed, fully qualified, and fully insured professionals
✓ We use the highest quality products, tested to withstand the harsh Aussie climate, sourced from leading gutter guard and leaf guard manufacturers in Australia
✓ Free, no-obligation quote
✓ Book an appointment with professionals our at a time that works best for you
✓ Competitive pricing Sydney-wide
✓ XX Years Warranty on materials and workmanship

Sydney Roof Maintenance – your friendly, fully licensed and insured Gutter Guard Installation Experts

For over 20 years, Sydney Roof Maintenance has been one of Sydney leading Gutter Guard Installation and Leaf Guard Installation experts. We’ve been around long enough to know our gutter guard and leaf guard solutions actually work, with our long-term customers coming back again for their new home or investment property. With experience spanning across the full spectrum of roofing services, there is no roof too big or small for our family-owned and operated company. Leave it to the professionals at Sydney Roof Maintenance for all your leaf guard and roofing maintenance needs.