Eave Replacement Sydney

Eaves are the roof overhang beyond the walls, and they serve a very important protective role. They keep the elements away from the walls and their foundations, thus maintaining the overall structural integrity of the whole house.

However, even the best-constructed eaves soon fall prey to nature. The elements such as rain, as well as rodents and bugs, can cause rotting and unsightly holes, not to mention compromising the integrity of your home. They also become unsightly and are an embarrassment to every proud homeowner.

When you start to notice tell-tale signs of roof and eave wear, it is time to call Sydney Roof Maintenance. We have been roofing experts for more than two decades in the Sydney metropolitan area and its surroundings, faithfully serving our customers and leaving satisfied souls everywhere.

What Makes Up My Eaves?

Understanding your eaves helps you notice problems when they occur. While the eave is the whole roof overhang, it has various components.

  • Soffit – This is the horizontal section between the edge of the roof and the wall. Typically made of fibre cement, it serves an important protective and aesthetic function. Fibre cement is used because it is light, waterproof, and rodent proof. Other material like wood can also be used as soffit boards, but it is susceptible to rot due to the high moisture conditions.
  • Fascia board – Fascia is the vertical board of wood just below the roof edge. It serves to protect the soffit beneath as well as the wall, and also make the house very beautiful by softening the roof’s edge.

Sydney Roof Maintenance is your go-to eave repair team when you want to repair or replace your eaves. Our highly professional team is skilled in the use of metal and fibre cement. We then paint your eaves and roof to make them look as good as new. Needless to say, this also adds significant value to your home.

Why Sydney Roof Maintenance?

At Sydney Roof Maintenance, your satisfaction is our business. We are always professional, respectful, and make sure to communicate and keep you, the client, in the loop of everything we do.

Our decades of experience have taught us that good customer service and a sustained reputation for quality are our main business advantages. By hiring Sydney Roof Maintenance, you are getting Sydney’s best roof and eaves maintenance.

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