Roofing restoration and re-roofing are the two most obvious options when your roof’s life is coming to an end. Roofs are a fundamental component of any house and are vital in protecting its integrity, requiring regular maintenance to ensure longevity.

Unfortunately, the roof isn’t designed to last forever, so if it’s becoming damaged or worn, you may want to consider restoration or re-roofing. Feel free to reach out to our roofing professionals at Sydney Roof Maintenance to assist you with which option would be better for your home.


Roofing Restoration

With the option of restoration or repair, the original material of the roof is left completely in place. The professionals at Sydney Roof Maintenance will work hard to resurface the roof to extend its life span. This option is far less invasive (and costly) than re-roofing which is a plus!

However before you commit to this option, your roof will need to be inspected by our trusty team first. For roof restoration to go ahead, it must be in good condition. This means that it doesn’t have any visible leaks and moisture, as well as decay. If there are cracked shingles, they must be repaired first before restoration can begin.

Roof restoration is essentially replacing the old roof material with completely new and fresh products to give it new life. In other words, the restored roof will look as good as it ever has. Our Sydney roofing professionals restore the roof, repair any leaks and replace any shingles and tiles.

An important thing to keep in mind about this option is that it’s better if the problems are minor.


The second option, re-roofing, is also known as roof replacement. It involves the removal and replacement of roof materials, and may also involve removing and replacing the support structure. Re-roofing is the correct option if your current roof can no longer be serviced or restored due to extreme damage, and the only way to know this is by hiring a roof inspector to have a look. Basically, oops that need re-roofing are irreparable with persistent problems that cannot be repaired.

On the downside, re-roofing or replacement is much more expensive compared to restoration, so if this is your better option, choose to have energy-efficient materials. When comparing the two options, restoration is considered more popular due to the reduction in cost It only involves resurfacing of the     original roof, hence why it involves less labor and materials.

Roof restoration dramatically prolongs the life of the rood by 15 years! However, it does need to be maintained properly to further help save money longterm. Also, restoration is known to be more sustainable because it doesn’t require removal of the existing roof, and therefore it is more environmentally friendly than re-roofing.

With over 20 year’s industry experience, Sydney Roof Maintenance are the Roof Repair Specialists. We provide a professional service carried out by a Licenced Tradesmen who pride ourselves on our service, quality and price, therefore all work is carried out by Sydney Roof Maintenance, no contractors and no middle man.

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